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lubluodSek    16 February 2017 13:31 | место неизвестно
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Roxorsd    16 February 2017 13:09 | Россия

xvwvwkda    16 February 2017 08:41 | Portugal
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Agrnopuh    16 February 2017 08:22 | Россия
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Larrymub    16 February 2017 07:07 | Zimbabwe
I don't feel pinch to zoom, slide to unlock, click a number on a web page to make a call, over-the-air updates, paint a phone black, etc. should be patent-worthy ideas. These examples are the obvious path to take when you package the processing power the iPhone has, a touch screen, and a graphical user interface.
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If Linux is so great, why has it not replaced Windows, OS X and other closed-source operating systems completely? More generally, why do people still write and develop proprietary software, if open source is a more efficient, user-oriented and secure way to code?
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